The Embarcadero Online Technical conference, CodeRage 4, , with lots of Delphi 2010 talks, starts tomorrow, September 8 (which happens to be my birthday, so I won't be much online for the first day).  Among many other talks, tomorrow Michael Rozlog has a RAD Studio Product Address, Barry Kelly talks about the new RTTI, Chis Bensen of Touch-enabled applications. I'm quite intrigued by the presentation (and its the response in terms of attendees) of Alister Christie, who will cover my very own Essential Pascal book.

My talks, again, will be on Thursday and Friday, but I'll try to be online as much as I can. If you don't live in the US, Ann Lynnworth (of HREF fame) has made available a nice program with the sheduled adjusted to your own time zone. Just enter your location (in hours from GMT) and you'll get the right time and days. You can see it online at: (enter 2 as GMT value for Central Europe on Summer Time). Nice idea!