As mentioned yesterday, today I'm having three presentations at the CodeRage II virtual conference.

I gave (heard the pre-recorded talk and answered to questions, to be more precise) my Dynamic Applications with Packages talk and my Delphi and Vista Talk. There was an average of 200 people logged on InterWise. Not bad. The source code is available at (very small downloads):

The last presentation on Web development with REST techniques in Delphi Win32 is still running while I'm blogging... Source code will be on (this is much bigger because it includes some large DLLs for XML processing):

My plan is to create an open source project around this demo, more about the idea in this blog in a few days. For CodeRage participants there is a special offer to buy a discounted edition (a few dollars off, this week only) of my Delphi 2007 book. Follow the link to my site from the virtual exhibit hall to find the proper link.

At the end of the second Q&A session my mike was left open, and my dog barked loudly, so everyone could hear it... so I posted even a picture of the first dog to speak at a developers conference <g>. Here comes Lillo: