For the first time, Borland is filing its financial information (specifically, for the first quarter 2007) providing split revenues and earnings for "Enterprise" and CodeGear. These are the 6 key numbers:

Revenues Earnings
Borland (overall) 71.0 million - 9.2 million
"Enterprise" 56.9 million - 10.6 million
CodeGear 14.1 million 1.9 million

There are many other numbers worth looking it, but the summary is that CodeGear is making money, almost 2 millions in a quarter. Revenues might be lower than in the past, but with specific expenses accounted for, the numbers are interesting... even if this was a probably an good quarter because of the new products being launched. And it is quite a blow to all "dooms-sayers", including those of the "rushing-out-products-because-they-are-loosing-money" conspiracy.

Go CodeGear, go Delphi!


Only after posting this entry I found out a more detailed report, already mentioned in non-tech, which asserts CodeGear revenues decreased by 45%. The same report claims no mayor shipments in the quarter, as even if they were taking orders for the new products in March, the can claim the revenue only at ship time (which is probably different from the past). Also, last year IDEs included more ALM tools, so comparing revenues that included StarTeam licenses, for example, is not totally fair.

Even after reading this more detailed report, I still stand by my initial statement. CodeGear is making a good amount of money for a "startup". And Delphi is probably accounts for a  good chunk of it. Sta tuned.