I'm very happy to announce that in the first week of March (from March 6th to March 9th) I'll be teaching four online seminars for CodeGear. This is "CodeGear's Education Services first live on-line learning sessions", an experiment I hope works out well and is repeated over time.

For the seminars we'll be using the Interwise web-conferencing system, which (in a test run) I found quite interesting. Interwise supports slides shows, live sharing of the instructor's screen, complete with VOIP and a chat/request to speak system. Seems it will be a lot of fun. The number of attendees is limited, to make the classes more interactive (and each class will be repeated twice over the same day to account for different time zones).

The generic topic is Delphi 2005/2006 Tips and Techniques, with a focus on Win32 programming (some of the presentations also apply to previous versions of Delphi)  and in particular the four classes will cover:

  • What's New in the Delphi Language
  • Delphi Win32 and Windows Vista
  • Win32 Techniques for Delphi Developers
  • Dynamic Applications with Delphi Packages

You can buy a single 2-hours seminar for 99 USD or the entire series at a discounted rate. You can find more information and the sign-up procedure on CodeGear's Education Services web site (still under the Borland University main site). In case of troubles let me know, even if I know little about the sale process I can get you in touch with the proper person.

Hope to see many of you... of course, I'll blog about the experience.