I've (finally) found some time to setup the new CodeGear forums on my newswhat.com web sites. You can find the Delphi-related groups on delphi.newswhat.com at http://delphi.newswhat.com/geoxml/forumlistgroups?area=Borland.Delphi (until I define an alias, which is not trivial). In that page you'll find links to the archive of the old "closed" groups (which can be search via Google on the site, from the left side menu).

On dev.newswhat.com you can find all Embarcadero groups (this time also with proper aliases), in areas like:

All of the generic (non-product specific or for old products groups) are in the public section.

So if you like either the delphi.newswhat.com interface with one-page-per-thread (even for long ones) or prefer the AJAX-based version of dev.newswhat.com, you can read the new Delphi groups there.

The really big issue I have, though, is letting users write to the groups. CodeGear allows anonymous reading of the groups, but you need an account for posting. I could, of course, set up a generic account for the web sites to use, but it seems a little unfair to the rules (and protection mechanism) they are trying to enforce. As I don't want to keep around other people credentials on my site, and I don't think there is a way to hook into the CodeGear login from an external site... I don't think other options are available.

What do you suggest? Should I keep my web front end read-only? Should I create a single account (after getting CodeGear permission and maybe after a few people ask them)? Shut down the site (which is costing me some customization and monitoring time, even if not much)? I'm open to any idea...