CodeGear has a public beta. Yes, you have to sign an NDA, but the process is simple and direct. The public beta is for a new product, can you guess which? Yes, it's the new Ruby IDE. By the way, I first spotted the link on Mike Pence blog. This is quite a change ("showing some progressive thinking", as Mike puts it). I'm not sure I remember such a public beta, and apparently with some time still to go, in the past. Is my memory short or is this really new? [Update: I figured out this might not have been a public link, so I've removed it until I find out more...]

On the Delphi side, this new CEO Jim Douglas has blogged about the roadmaps issue. I'm quoting (emphasis mine):

We will begin posting road maps for each of our major product lines in early June (2007). Delphi will be the first road map published...

Hurray, hurray. Now, he claims the the revenue recognition issue is real, and provides a link to a nice 342 pages document that does mention road maps of software product explicitly (see for example page 149 or page 298 and following pages). However, as Jim states, this is a vendor issue that should not become a burden on the customers. So it seems we'll get the road maps and they'll have an extra mess in their accounting... but to all that thought the SOX/revenue recognition issue was an excuse, well that document is quite clear (from the little I could understand, of course).

Now, of course, as soon as we have a public road map people will start complain about its content... but that's fully understandable, as you cannot make each and every Delphi programmers happy. There are still too many!