CodeGear newsgroups have had many troubles, over the last few days. I was about to write "are dead" but noticed that in this very moment they do respond.

The company is accelerating the move to the a new version (currently in beta, as you can read here), featuring a merged NTTP interface and Web interface. Login will be integrated with the general Developer Network login, which is very positive. Only logged users will be allowed to post messages. There are a few elements puzzling me. In the past I offered them my Delphi / InterBase solution, but they've gone into the Java / BlackFish SQL direction. I think my approach was more performant and scalable, but might be wrong.

In any case, even if the web interface is nice, I still find it suboptimal, so for the time being I'll update my "newswhat" front-end web sites. The current "beta" on my site is at the site ( will follow). You can find it at:

There are still issues with references among articles, some links are lost and other artificial links are created. There are apparently messages that hook to non-existing message, and the like. I'll wait to see if anything changes in CodeGear implementation before applying the due fixes on my side.

Let me know if you feel this is valuable or I should (in your opinion) drop all "newswhat" development (which has been really in the background over the last couple of years) and redirect users (generating thousand of daily hits) to the new CodeGear forum...