I'm quite busy these days, but I did notice some interesting articles today, so I thought about posting a few links.

First, Peter Coffee writes on eweek.com about cleverness in coding as a "bad thing": smart code (often in C language, but not always) can be fun to write, but very hard to read... and bugs slip through more easily. So, after the recent discussions about language styles, I though this was a relevant point. It is true that the more modern C-style languages generally forbid the low-level C hacks, but at times you do see the same coding style and approach. Delphi is not spared either, but its Pascal roots do save some hassles.

Actually what took me to the post is the superb comment by Ray Konopka in the Delphi non-tech forum: " One more reason I love Delphi". Here is the full thread, in my newer unfinished newsgroup front end.

Finally, Nick Hodges sent me to yet another discussion about Delphi as the best-tool-for-Windows-client-applications thread. Nice reading. I'm mentioned a couple of times, my books even more!