Following the request by a user, I made available my Delphi   wizards for Delphi XE. This is a collection of assorted tools for the Delphi IDE, including some code generators, some IDE extensions, and some rather useless ones I built for the only purpose of exploring the Delphi IDE.

You can find the Wizards (in compiled form, I never made the source code available mostly as I never had time to clean it up) on my web site at:

The complete list is in the web page, but here is the (smaller group) of wizards that are actually useful:


  • OOP Form Wizard: let you remove the form components from the publsihed section, making them private, by adding to the form the required manual initialization code.
  • Object Inspector Font: let's you change the font of that pane. Great for presentations, not all fonts adapt well.
  • Rebuild Wizard: let's you see all projects in a directory tree and build them all in sequence
  • DB Form Wizard: like the database wizard of the early days, but based on dbExpress. Places SQLConnection, SQLDataset, DatasetProvider, CleintDataSet, and a series of DBEdits in a form, all at once.

I guess I should write at least a small intro covering this... because the web page has information only about the older ones. For now, I'll add only the result you can obtain with a few clicks of the Database Form wizard, a ready to use form with the standard set of dbExpress components. I really think this should be in the box, as there was (traditionally) a BDE Database Form Wizard. Interested in more info? Feel free to ask...