As he writes in his new blog, Charlie will be "Community Program Manager for the Visual C# group"... a role not much different from what he did in  Borland a few years ago, at Developer's Relations. Recently, Calvert was working at Falafel (along with several other several Delphi gurus), but wasn't particularly active on the Delphi side. Rather, he was involced in open source projects and development methodologies. As he hasn't written on Delphi recently, this cannot be counted as a direct loss for DevCo, but as a long time friend of Charlie I feel his move can bring fresh air to Microsoft but means one less person devoted to Delphi. Charlie's Delphi books remain some of the best Delphi books ever written. No questions about that.

Charlie seems rather fond of having a chance to get back working with many ex-Borlanders, and mentions " Steve Teixeira, Blake Stone, and our own well beloved Anders Hejlsberg". Danny Thorpe blogged about Charlie joining Microsoft as well. Best wishes to Charlie for his new job... let's hope he won't forget his Delphi roots and our part of the larger developers community!

PS. Second entry in a row discussing people moving to Microsoft. When they were saying they needed extra cash to hire more top talented people they were not joking!