As you probably know, Novell, one of the companies that made the history of computing is now gone, was bought by Attachmate for 2.2 billions. I remember Novell from the days they were THE networking company and the days they were partnering with Borland (another big company now defunct) on an anti-Microsoft Office offer.

But more recently, among the developers, Novell was followed for its Mono open-source effort (strongly supported by Delphi Prism). It is not clear what will come of it, as Larry O'Brien suggests.

For Delphi developers, it is also interesting to know that Novell is now (at least partially) a sister company of Embarcadero (as Olaf mentioned), since Embarcadero owner Thoma Bravo also partially owns Attachmate, Novell buyer.

I personally hope Suse will prosper (even if I stopped using it long ago for Ubuntu) and that Mono is not in trouble (Miguel seems to have no doubt) as we need alternatives. As for Microsoft, hope they don't misuse the IP it acquired in any negative way against open source projects. I doubt, but you never know. Shelling out 450 millions for IP rights and no product is no small deal.