The DevRel chat last night (my time) was quite interesting. The unofficial mp3 of it is available here. I'm puzzled by the fact it was repeated many times that the Delphi IDE will retain its ALM capabilities... Personally I hope it does not, or at least not in their current form (more on this later).

There is a thread on slashdot here, with lots of people talking about Delphi without having a clue (but also some interesting posts). "There are no relevant products being written in Delphi"? Never heard about Skype? Never visited TwoCows?

Borland Developers' thoughts? Here are a few (I've started with Allen's list and added a couple, hope he doesn't mind):

There is also much wild speculation about which company should buy Borland (with names like Google, Apple, IBM, Novell, Oracle being mentioned too often) and even the rumor that MS might be interested in buying the ALM side of the company... but it seems a little early to have a clear picture. We'll have to wait and see...