I wanted to add Essential Pascal to the Amazon shop on my web site www,marcocantu.com, but noticed it was in "disarray"... The page used to be generated by a Delphi application, which accessed Amazon Web Services using XSLT for presentation every hour or so. Now probably the last time I moved to a different server, I failed to set it up properly.

In any case, I had already an "Amazon Store" on the blog site, so I basically linked it from the other site, adding a couple of new books in a matter of minutes. Now, as a developer, I'm always tempted to go for the do-it-yourself appraoch, which generally provides for some extra flexibility (like having links to several international amazon web sites or including personal comments for some books), but at times the ready-to-use web page construction kits are so handy, that a manual appraoch is not justified.

Still, I keep thinking that having some time I might look into the application and make it work again... it is too strong of a temptation!