Only a quick note before I head off to the Maremma Regional Park (in Tuscany). The newly relaunched DelphiFeeds site is hosting a "Delphi Blog of the Year" award, in which my blog (listed as Marco's Tech Blog) is competing few dozen others. Feel free to vote me... or any other blog you like. By voting, you can win interesting prizes.

Anyway, browsing the site I noticed that they track the number of postings from each blog. If you don't count article feeds (like BDN or my blog comes third (with 223, before I wrote this) after Nick Hodges and Steve Trefethen, who both work for CodeGear (well, not for blogging, but also for that). Actually, I have 270 posts in the archive in this blog, only DelphiFeeds starter later to track the blog. I know numbers are not everything and the content matters a lot, but I hope I'm doing a good job with that as well.

Now I have to wait until Monday before I'll blog on Silverlight, Flex, and all that other great stuff that's happening in the Internet development world. And have more backlogs on other topics... but time is always tight. Bye for now.