The first CodeGear Community Chat hosted the CEO of the new company. You can read the chat transcript (only a fraction of the chat content) and download the audio on BDN. The same page provides also Ben's curricula. I listened to it, heard a few things I liked (listed below) and other I didn't like (for example, the apparent lack of a Linux strategy). Here are some highlights (I tried to quote as precisely as possible):

  • CodeGear aim is to be the "largest independent developer tools company in the world"
  • Delphi will be "including things that may not just be only on the windows platform" (a statement at odd with the fact there seems to be no specific plan for Linux... unless they are thinking Mac!)
  • They really want to improve their tools, "not add a feature here and there and support the status quo" (looks like this is referring to past versions of Delphi...)
  • There will be "a new product in Q1" (means first quarter 2007)
  • "You cannot be the developer company if you don't support dynamic languages (and emerging languages)
  • We are committed to the roadmaps we have, but might anticipate some features.
  • A lot of our customers are still doing Win32 development... we need to focus on their success.
  • Simplicity in the business

As Ben underlined "simplicity in the business" several times, I do have a few suggestions. First, make it simple to buy the product, sell directly and online whenever possible. Have a single price tag (the current 1 USD = 1 EUR equation is crap!). Simplify SKUs and sell plug-ins. Provide a simple flat, all-included, yearly subscription. Second, make it simple to activate them, reducing the hassle on legal owners, as pirates won't be scared anyway. Third, make it simple for partners to work with you. This hasn't been my experience in the past. Finally, make it simple for developers to find out how powerful your tools are and how many news features have been added in recent versions.