I got back today from a vacation in Corse, during which I cut all web activity, TV, and papers... and it was well worth for relaxing in a really nice island not far from where I live, I visited for the first time. Some areas in Corse are really nice, under-crowded (despite the high tourist season), and almost wild. There are beaches between Ajaccio and Bonifacio that had very few people... and having kids we didn't do more than 10 minutes walks.

Anyway, while I was away CodeGear announced the new Delphi 2009, that is available as a pre-order but still not shipping. You've probably already seen many announcements, so I'm getting late to the party. Just in case I'd recommend looking at:

There is very little technical information in these announcements, as usual. But there are countless blog entries and videos and online events... and soon face-to-face events around the world (including Italy) in which you'll be able to see Delphi 2009 by yourself and ask your questions. I'm still catching up with blogs and emails, while trying to get back to work on my book ASAP. Meanwhile, I might release a few more Delphi 2009 videos... Stay tuned.