As you are probably aware of, if you follow my blog, I'll take part with Cary Jensen in two Delphi training events in the US, Delphi Developer Days Spring 09. The two day event will be repeated in the Washington, DC area on March 30 - 31 and in the Chicago area on April 2 -3.

What's new from my last post is that Anders Ohlsson will be giving a keynote talk at each event. In the evenings we'll also host and take part in two free user group meetings (with pizza and drinks, I've been told) hosted by CodeGear and featuring Anders and thw two of us. If you live in the area and cannot attend the training classes for whatever reason (cost, time...) we hope you'll at least get to the free event to have a chat. You can register for these free user group meetings (and similar events at other locations around the US and Canada) at:

In any case, notice that discounted registration for the full Delphi Developer Days event is still available for a few days, that we are planning to have an extensive course book that will be given to all attendees. I also with to thanks the many sponsors of the event, Embarcadero Technologies and Sybase iAnywhere in particular, but also Digital Metaphors, EC Software, EurekaLog, Gurock Software, HRef Tools Corp, Raize Software, and Woll2Woll Software.