Yesterday, Borland announced the resignation of Tod Nielsen as CEO. Within mintutes, VMWare announced the appointments of Tod Nielsen as for the "newly created role of Chief Operating Officer"

The situation for Borland (the ALM company, nothing to do with Delphi any more) is far from great. The press release above mentions an expected total revenue below 40 mil. USD (down from 44.3 of the 3rd quarter 2008), an expected workforce reduction of 130 employees (15 percent), the resignation of the CEO and of Peter Morowski (vice president of research and development), and the stock aroun 1 USD (1.07 at yesterday close).

I'm relieved by the fact Delphi has been bought by Embarcadero Technologies, or this news would have been the start of another week with everyone saying "Delphi is doomed"... but I'm sorry for Borland. Hey, what if we offer them same cash for buying back the company trademark?