For those living in the US (don't know if similar offers will be made available in the rest of the world) and looking forward to upgrade to Delphi 2007 for Win32 (that is, the latest version of Delphi) there is now a CodeGear offer on including the electronic version of my latest book. If I click on the link it tells you the offer is not active in the country where I live (based on my IP address, I believe).

Needless to say I'm happy CodeGear decided to buy from me the rights to distribute my book in PDF format. Of course, having seen the electronic version of the book you might want to buy the printed version anyway.

PS. I know the HTML of my blog doesn't render properly in Google Reader. I'm looking into this. I didn't change my site, they probably have more string conformance tests.

PS 2: I know I have to to my third post on the variant-based dynamic code. I'll come...