As posted by Allen Bauer and discussed on BDN, Borland/DevCo has released three new hotfixes (7, 8, and 9) for Delphi 2006 Udpate 2. These fixes can be applied also to Turbo Delphi, which shares the same core of the BDS 2006 Update 2. Differently form the past, 8 hotfixes (all but a seldom used one) have been packaged in a single download and install, making life easier for developers. You can download it from several Borland locations, following one of the two links above.

What's in the three new hot fixes? According to the readme:

  • hotfix 7 is a fix for C++ projects that include Delphi units with'class virtual' methods and a fix for Delphi for .NET assemblies that are strong named
  • hotfix 8 addresses the evaluator issue described in QC 29214
  • hotfix 9 addresses the memory leak caused when switching between editor tabs (described in QC 22481)

This last hotfix is very relevant, and this is why I'd recommed to install the hotfix rollup. The download is a little over 8MB and it takes only a few seconds to install. Good job, DevCo