24 Hours Replays

First, DevRel at Borland has loaded the replay files of the recent 24 hours of Delphi event: they are all listed in a BDN article titled The 24 hours of DeXter (audio recordings). Again, you can listen to my interview and those of many Delphi R&D members and Delphi gurus around the world. By hearing it you'll learn about many new features of Delphi 2006, including my favorites!

Borcon Euro

On a sepate announcement, Borland has rescheduled the European Conference (originally at the end of November) to an undefined date next spring.

Borcon US

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for the Borland US conference, which is now one week away. I'm finishing my presentations and have asked for additional BOF sessions. In any case, there is a chance to set up additional informal topic-oriented meetings (one might be on OR mapping, another on AJAX). May happen in the lab or at a bar... stay tuned for announcements (and let me know if you are interested). I might also set up a book signing (not sure if there will be book vendors around). For those who cannot attend, I'll for sure blog about the conference (and possibly also post pictures in real time as I did in the past).