In an hour or so David I will kick off a new 24-hours of Delphi event, featuring also myself (around 7pm, European time). To sign up visit The detailed program (a bit hidden, I have to say) it at:

As you can read there, the even will start today at  12:00am PST / 08:00 GMT / 9:00 Central European Time . Speakers include Pawel Glowacki, Stephen Ball,  Jim McKeeth, Bob Swart, myself, Delphi program manager JT, Anders Ohlsson, Alister Christie, Bruno Fierens, Cary Jensen, Andreano Lanusse,  Tomohiro Takahashi (speaking in Japanese!). The live interviews will be intermized by CodeRage 6 replays (well, they need to get some sleep after all). 

This is my specific section (but there will be also some replays of my CodeRage 6 session), focused on the client phone app I recently blogged about:

10:00am PST (Dec20) / 18:00 GMT (Dec20) / 19:00 CET (Dec20) – Marco Cantu ( )
Building a web phone client with a Delphi REST server based on jQueryMobile, 
Delphi Developer Days 2012 , Delphi Books, and Q&A

Stay tuned for the next 24 hours, if you can!