I already blogged about my recent book, the new edition of Pawel's volume covering Delphi and FireMonkey. You can read my original blog post at https://blog.marcocantu.com/blog/2024-february-expertdelphi2.html. If you want to buy it on Amazon, you can follow this link: https://bit.ly/ExpertDelphi2.

As I wrote, this is a project I embraced in particular to remember Pawel and his contribution to Delphi, by keeping his work and his many demos current. A piece of information that was missing in my first blog post was the link to the source code. You can access it on GitHub at:


The book repository includes all of the demos discussed and covered in the book with oine exception. To explain and demonstrate publishing apps on mobile stores, I've taken a separate open source project from Pawel, Molecule Hero, and extended it. This is an open source application available at:


Not only, the app is also available in the iOS App Store at:


I have submitted the same app also to Google Play Store, but it has been pending review after it was initially rejected due to complains about the description (which was, by the way, identical to the one Apple approved).