The blog post is titled What’s Coming in Delphi and C++Builder Libraries and it covers some of the plans for libraries in the next verison of RAD Studio the company is working on. After the announcement of What’s Coming for C++Builder: An Amazing Preview we decided to provide some more information about what the team is working on for the next release. 

Both areas, Skia for FireMonkey and making MDI work, are fairly important: the first is focused on improiving our multi-device cross-platform story, while the second id aimed to customers who need to maitain and modernize existing large Windows applications. This is the FMX with Skia image, specifically SkLabel, in that blog post

sklabel decorated

There is much more the Embarcadero R&D is working on, but this is what we got permission to announce, keeping in mind that all new features and improvements discussed in this blog post for future versions of RAD Studio are not committed until completed, and GA released.