Patch 1 for Delphi, C++ Builder and RAD Studio 11.2 fixes a handful of critical issues in different areas (iOS Simulator, Win64, FMX, VCL, and more) and we think it is worth installing it regardless of the way you use RAD Studio. The installation can be done using the patch system (and Welcome Page alert) integrated in GetIt.

Read more about the path at my blog post on the Embarcadero blogs at

As the end, if you are using only Delphi, you get the following:

In terms of installation, you can see the alert and the patch listed also in the What's New channel of the Welcome Page

As you proceed installing, the IDE closes and you get a command window downloading the actual update, which takes some time (the text actually indicates RAD Studio 11.2 Patch 1, unlike in this screen):

Later it proceeds with the actual installation, backing up the file it replaces: