The book is a the complete guide to the Object Pascal programming language for Delphi developers, updated to Delphi 10.4 Sydney. It covers all classic and standard Delphi language , and also Pascal language from a modern Delphi perspective -- it does introduce inline variables from the beginning, for example. This is the core information:

Author: Marco Cantu
ISBN-13: 979-8554519963
Amazon ASIN: B08XZ44KXH
Pages: 534
List price $48.50
Self-published on KDP

The book might show up on other outlets, but because it is self-published and printed on demand via Kindle Desktop Publishing service, it is really best found on Amazon (I have to admit I have higher royalties from Amazon compared to other distribution channels). Below are the links to the main Amazon stores which offer direct publishing: (USA) - (Germany) - (France) (Spain) - (Italy) - (Japan) (Canada) - (UK)

Notice that the e-book PDF version is currently available as part of a promotion by Embarcadero Technologies.

The code repository for the examples discussed in the book is at

You can download a PDF with the complete table of contents at ObjectPascalHandbook_SydneyVersion_Toc.pdf