Unlike past years, this year Delphi was specifically listed in the very popular StackOverflow developers survey and the results are now in (with information from over 83,000 developers). Notice that each community is skewed (see my recent comment on JetBrains survey) and while StackOverflow is fairly neutral in terms of technology, not all age groups and communities are equally represented. In particular, a large majority of respondents has less than 10 years of professional experience and is less than 35 years old.

You can check for yourself the "technology" section of the survey at (other sections are also interesting, but more general in nature):


First notable element is Delphi got 2.1% of the overall mentions, with over 1,700 votes. The only past reference we have for this survey is year 2016 in which it had 600+ vote but they were write-in in the "Other" category. Filtering professional developers the percentage becomes 2.36%, just a bit higher.

Overall the language ranking is driven by JavaScript, Python and Java, followed by TypeScript which is now above C#.  For professional developers, TypeScript is third ahead of Java, a bit growth from last year.

The negative elements for Delphi are in the "Loved vs. Dreaded" section (many respondents using Delphi have a negative feeling towards it). This is certainly not great and oddly enough it is aligned with Java. The average salary is also fairly low -- although this might depend on regional differences in salaries, given Delphi is less used in the USA, where IT salaries are notably higher. On the other hand, Delphi developers represent the group with more years of professional experience -- this is not really surprising.