The fall is generally a time of the year with many Delphi conferences and I've been regularly traveling this time of the year. While this years is clearly different, there are still some very interesting events for Delphi developers... happening online.


The first Delphi conference worth considering is EKON, which takes place next week (Monday November 2nd to Wednesday November 4th). I'll be giving a keynote and two technical sessions, part of a very rich content with some of the top Delphi speakers from all over the world. This is a high-quality, paid event (all sessions will be live), but consider this year you can save on travel costs making it a fairly unique opportunity to attend EKON without having to go to Germany if you live far away.

Detailed information (and I think you can still sign up) at:

DelphiCon 2020

After the success of the Desktop Summit, Embarcadero is trying a different format for its online conference this year, replacing CodeRage with a new Delphi specific, free, online event called DelphiCon. The web site is at:

As you can see there, I'm scheduled to give a keynote and be involved in two panels. In fact, we plan alternating technical presentations with live panels involving multiple speakers and focused on one area. I'm pretty sure this will be very instructive... and also quite fun.