The webinar covers some of the challenges in building Windows applications for High DPI monitors and in supporting systems with multiple monitors having different resolutions -- like I do. The idea is to cover the issues from general terms, touching on different options the Windows operating system offers, and focusing on Per Monitor v2 and the support VCL offers to it (with its new GetSystemMetrics remapping model) and on the use of image collections and virtual image lists to overcome DPI differences and offer crisp images on all resolutions.

The webinar will be live today at 12 noon Central US time (the company reference time zone), which is 7 PM this evening (or 19:00) for those in Europe, with plenty of time for live questions and answers after the presentation. If you cannot attend, a recording will be made available. To register follow this link:

Later today or tomorrow I'll also share the source code of the demos I'll use in the webinar. See you all tonight.