The 2018 edition of CodeRage, Embarcadero online yearly conference, starts today as you can see at

The event takes place online (participation is free, but you must register to attend) today, tomorrow and Thursday, from 8AM to 6PM Central US time. That is 3PM to 1AM for us in Central Europe time zone. As in the past, the program is packed with established speakers covering key topics, new speakers and content, partners, and a few surprises.

The start is an introduction by Embarcadero GM Atanas Popov along with Jim McKeeth conference introduction and announcements. After that there will be a keynote on RAD Studio 10.3 by the PM team, myself included. From that point, the program splits in 2 parallel tracks. I won't list all of the sessions -- the entire program is in the link above, but only highlight a few relevant elements of the program:

  • Beside participating in the keynote, I'm giving 2 more sessions, one on RAD Server and one on the Delphi language. They are both scheduled for Thursday, but the RAD Server one should get moved to Wednesday. 
  • There is in depth coverage of Idera tools useful for developers (some of which are bundled in RAD Studio Architect edition, like Aqua Data Studio and Ranorex Studio and Ext JS. But also the Froala editor and Whole Tomato Visual Assist and Assembla.
  • If you are doing any C++ don't miss the conversation between Bjarne Stroustrup and David I
  • Among the best known Delphi speakers, Cary Jensen, Ray Konopka, Brian Long, Danny Wind, Alister Christie and Olaf Monien... plus most Embarcadero SC (Craig, Fernando, Anil, etc), PMs (myself, Sarina, David) and Jim McKeeth who's coordinating the entire event -- along with many other MVPs, dev partners, and more
  • There are many new speakers and speakers covering new topics, certainly worth checking out -- I'll try to follow an many as I can

While you can watch the replays, listening and joining the live Q&A session offers an advantage and also allows more interaction with social media and online forums. I hope you'll enjoy this great event full of content.