Over the last two days, I gave two technical sessions at CodeRage 2018

For the session on RAD Server, including new features in 10.3, I created a single project with multiple resources and endpoints, that you can find at https://github.com/marcocantu/DelphiSessions/tree/master/RADServer103CodeRage

For the session on the Delphi Language, I created many small and focused projects (some of which I had already presented in the past) including a few focused on inline variables at https://github.com/marcocantu/DelphiSessions/tree/master/DelphiLanguageCodeRage2018

Both set of demos are part of an overall Delphi Sessions repository at  https://github.com/marcocantu/DelphiSessions . I have source code for other older sessions, and will add those to the repo, time permitting.