We keep adding a lot of open source libraries, trial components, and now also demos and database connectors to the GetIt package manager. As I wrote a couple of months back, we added also a lot of new categories to simplify navigating among the 241 packages listed today.

What was added over recent months to the GetIt package manager for 10.2 Tokyo?

  • AQTime Standard Embarcadero edition
  • FaceAPI library (for Microsoft Cognitive Services)
  • Grijjy Cloud Logger
  • NexuxDB Free Embedded Version
  • RAD Server Industry Template - Hospitality Survey Application
  • JCL and JVCL updates
  • 3DElite TCP Server-Client Library
  • Additional TMS trial components
  • Many /n Software trial components
  • BrilliantCode trial
  • FmxLinux trial
  • The 80 or so trial versions of CData Enterprise Connectors

More and more components are being added continuously, and we are open to submissions from the community and from partners.