Today marks the 12th year of my blog, (now also mirrored on It is easy for me to remember, as I started the blog on my birthday! And this is my blog post number 1422.

Lots of things happened in this 12 years, but I'm still mostly focused on Delphi, even if in a different role. And if you read the first post ( you'll see the core engine was written in Kylix -- the ancestor of the newly released Delphi 10.2 Tokyo with Linux support. You can read the 1420 blog posts in between by navigating the full archive at

To capture at a very high level these 12 years, I grabbed all pictures I used in blog post (at least those I uploaded a copy of) and made the collage below (you can expand it for higher resolution). And thanks to those who have been following my blog for these 12 years. Let's have another great year!