Embarcadero is promoting a contest for applications that leverage OpenData, in particular the NASA API (available at https://api.nasa.gov/index.html). Given the large amount of data available, there is room for building many different applications. Also, you can submit Windows or Mobile applications, as long as it is built with RAD Studio.

Full announcement and competition details are at:

We have a sample application on GitHub at https://github.com/EmbarcaderoPublic/FunWithRADStudio/ with a video at https://youtu.be/pARtydMW_GQ and accept submissions on GitHub and with a companion video. All of the information is at the page above.

While this isn't strictly tied to my "Fun Side of Delphi" old material, there is a clear relationship in terms of thinking out of the box and coming up with amusing demos, which also include some technical challenge.

We are waiting for your submission, a nice prize, and visibility in the Delphi community. So, start browsing the APIs and get to coding... submissions are due by the end of the month.