Creators Update Developers Information

Today Microsoft shipped Windows 10 Creators Update. You can read some of the key developers information in many places, including:

The most relevant change for VCL developers is the fact that High-DPI support has further changes, something we are still assessing internally. There are some interesting new APIs like "Payment Request API". Also notice the additional options for Windows Desktop Bridge apps, ranging from resource explorer handlers to COM servers, 

Installing Windows 10 Creators Update

I upgraded my main Windows 10 PC to the new release and the installed it and the process was smooth. Notice that if you are not offered an update, you can still download an application to do it sooner. Very smooth process, but not slow.

Delphi On Creators Update

I had RAD Studio 10.2 already installed on the PC, so all I have to do it start it and build some VCL and FireMonkey applications. There is no significant difference, and everything worked fairly smoothly. Including UWP applications installed using the Windows Desktop Bridge. No surprise, also because I had already installed the RTM version and previously some beta versions of Tokyo on a VM with recent builds of Windows.

And Delphi Linux in the Ubuntu / Bash Shell

The last test I did was installing also the Ubuntu Bash shell part of Windows 10 (even if still in beta). This was fairly smooth. In fact I was chatting with Matthias, who also blogged about it earlier today (in German) at

Given the bash shell has access to your file system, you can easily compile an application in Delphi for Linux and run it on the bash shell right away. This is not a VM, it runs in the native computer. Below you can see an image related with the installation and one with a simple application in the IDE and running in bash on Windows:

The missing element is PAServer (and the version of GDB it uses) still has issues running on the bash shell, something we are loooking forwrd to fix and support. Stay tuned.