We have recently gone back to updating and cleaning the content of GetIt packages, updating them to the last version and creating package versions for Berlin as needed. Plus we updated third party tools.

While the work isn't finished, I felt it is worth underlying the significant progress we have made. Now we have a person focus on GetIt content and we are really expecting to be timely in updating third party packages for new releases of RAD Studio and when there are updates in the actual libraries.

Of course we are also more than willing to extend the content of GetIt, and have also streamlined the rules to accept more contributions. We welcome open source libraries, trial or light versions of third party tools and libraries, add-on tools, and anything that can you might be interested to share with RAD Studio developers. Drop me an email to my marco.cantu@company address or Gmail, if you are interested.

The list of packages that have been updated includes the complete set of 14 TurboPack libraries, NexusDB Embedded, the trial versions of FirePower and InfoPower, and ICS. The last few pending packages are being updated this week. We also updated all IoT components for 10.1 Update 1 and added two additional IoT devices to the list.