Today, Embarcadero has released the first update of RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin, with many quality enhancements and some new features.

The new features include a version of the FireMonkey Grid control for iOS ,based on the native platform control, several other FMX enhancements, and support for iOS 10 (in particular the simulator) and improved compatibility for the coming macOS Sierra.

In terms of fixes, the C++ compiler has several improvements (almost 20), but also the Delphi one has a few issues (about 5) rounded up. All areas of the product have fixes and improvements, including an annoying DataSnap/REST issue, FireDAC, VCL, RTL, the IDE, the installer.... with over 100 public reported bugs fixes, and over 300 total (including internally reported issues).

Full description of the fixes to publicly reported bugs can be found at

More information is also in the docWiki at

If you are a registered user of 10.1 Berlin, you can download:

- the new GetIt based installer at

- the ISO with the traditional installer at

Before installing Update 1 you need to uninstall the RTM version of Berlin, even if the GetIt based installer doesn't prompt you to do so. You should be able to retain your configuration and installed third-party packages.

Update: As reported, GetIt based uninstall/install does nto preserve registry settings. Read about a workaround here:

If you don't have a license to 10.1 Berlin, we have some great offers: mobile is free with Professional and there is an overall 10% "Update 1" special discount, plus you receive the free bonus pack with Konopka Controls, Radiant Shapes, and the PDF of my Object Pascal Handbook updated for 10.1 Berlin. More information on the offers, valid until September 30th, at