RAD Studio 10 Seattle introduced several new VCL UI controls that mimic the WinRT UI controls. Two more are coming in Update 2, a new calendar control and a matching calendar picker.

The first set of VCL controls specifically introduced to mimic the WinRT UI part of Windows 10 were ActivityIndicator, RelativePanel, SearchBox, SplitView, and ToggleSwitch. Notice that while these controls match the WinRT / Windows 10 UI, they are implemented in pure VCL code, so an application using them will equally run on Windows 7 and Windows 8. The controls are depicted in summary below. 

Now in the coming Update 2 of Delphi and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin, Embarcadero is going to introduce two more such controls, which are two implementations of the same concept, a modern looking calendar control matching the WinRT UI specification. One is the plain calendar taking up some screen real estate, while the second is a picker or combo box type of control, with the date displayed and the calendar appearing in a popup on request.

As you can see below (at design time in the IDE) the calendar has multiple views, with a month view and a year view. ther eis also a decade view to select the year. Transitions among the views are animated and rather smooth. Overall, this is much modern looking than the good old VCL calendar, based on the WinXP UI model.

This will not be the only new feature coming in Update 2, stay tuned for more information and refer to the latest roadmap for an overview of what to expect in coming months.