Here are 3 different news about components for Delphi, all very recent.

RAD Solution Pack

This is a brand new collection of existing and popular components sold by Embarcadero. It is an easy to way have components covering the most relevant areas (grids, reports, charting, and more) in a single package. While some of the components are owned and produced by Embarcadero, many others come from third parties like Steema, Woll2Woll, and FastReport. Even if you don't need everything in the package, the single RAD Solution Pack provides significant saving compared to buying individual ones. And you get a higher traffic license of AppAnalytics and other features included as a bonus.

Notice that the price you can find on the store, or by asking sales and partners, does automatically include 1 year update subscription, covering new releases of the components (with new features) and updates of the components for new versions of Delphi and RAD Studio. Also, most components can be used both with 10 Seattle and with previous releases.

Information at

Torry's Delphi Page

The very popular Torry's Delphi components portal, one of the early sites for the products, has changed owner, with the new company behind it (Yamaco Software, from the Czech republic) moving to new servers and working on different improvements. Great to know this site has found a new home, after Maxim decided to step out (although he's still currently involved). More information in the announcement on the "old" Embarcadero forum (which got a new database and became much more stable recently, by the way): Thanks again to Maxim for all of these years of support and to Yamaco Software for taking over the work.

JCL and JVCL on GetIt

Finally, just a short notice about the availability of both JCL and JVCL (some pretty large and popular open source components collections, of JEDI fame) on the GetIt package manager for both XE8 and 10 Seattle. GetIt is rounding up some of the best and most popular open source components. And makes installing and updating these components a nicer experience. More information at

Stay tuned for more component announcements by Embarcadero, the great third party vendors who partner with us ,and our lively open source community.