I've pushed a very large update of the demos coming with my latest book, Object Pascal Handbook, there are now 116 demos in the repository. Some of the demos use VCL, and while the ultimate goal was to migrate everything to FireMonkey, that would have taken too much time.

Direct browsing of the code repository is possible at code.marcocantu.com/trac/marcocantu_objectpascalhandbook/browser while the SVN link for working on the repository is code.marcocantu.com/svn_public/marcocantu_objectpascalhandbook/. If you already did a checkout, update the repository and you'll get almost twice as many demos!

The book is available in electronic format to any registered user of XE8 and 10 Seattle, and in print on CreateSpace, Amazon (US and European outlets), and other online book retailers.