Beside announcing the deal with Raize Software (see my previous blog post), today we are announcing a new internally developed components focused on beacon fencing, that is a new technology for tracking mobile user indoor. You can read all about BeaconFence at:

In short, this is a technology based on beacons, that lets developer graphically design areas within an indoor building (a large store, a restaurant, a mall, a sports facility...) and define actions and event that fire when a user enters or exists the given area. The image below of the map editor gives you a feeling of the product, which is a component with some specific and very complex design time editors.

Again, head to the product page for more information and check our the "pay-per-use" pricing. You can sign up the free plan for BeaconFence, get the component, build and deploy a simple scenario. For more complex solutions, there is a deployment fee depending on the size of the building and related factors.

One of the reasons we are particularly proud of this product and this technology is that BeaconFence is the first commercial ready-to-use beacon fencing solution for software developers available today.