I'm very pleased to let you know (unless you've already seen the announcement, of course) that Embarcadero has acquired Castalia and Usertility from TwoDesk Software. The official press release is at www.embarcadero.com/press-releases/embarcadero-acquires-castalia-and-usertility-from-twodesk-software.

I'm also quite pleased the deal happened, as this adds two valuable tools to Delphi (and will also get them to C++Builder). One is the Castalia IDE plug-in we've been distributing for free with XE7 and that is bound to become a core IDE feature. The second is Usertility user analytics software, which let's use understand the behavior of the users of your applications. While analytics is a relevant feature on web sites and mobile apps, this tool brings it also to desktop applications, both VCL and FireMonkey. (Notice the press release refers to a FireMonkey version of Usertility, which actually wasn't available in the past but we plan releasing soon).

Notice that Jacob, the author of the tools, will keep working on them and with us, as he is #34ed by the press release: "I intend to stay closely involved in the future direction and delivery of this integration and look forward to bringing these next versions to market with Embarcadero"

For more information about the tools you can refer to www.twodesk.com/castalia/ and www.twodesk.com/usertility/.