This is a new webinar for C++ developers to move your development forward before the new year, focused on C++ developers and migration to the new LLVM Win32 C++ 11 compiler.

David I, JIm McKeeth, and other Embarcadero evangelists an experts will do the presentation, which is expected to focus on:

  • How to quickly migrate your C++Builder projects to C++Builder 10 Seattle
  • Update Your Apps UI/UX with the All New Windows 10 Look and Feel
  • C++11 language features for Win32, Win64, iOS and Android apps
  • Application Tethering for VCL and FireMonkey using C++
  • Enterprise Mobility Services - Creating EndPoints, Push Notifications and Custom Logins
  • MultiThreading with System.Threading for Mobile and Desktop Apps
  • Proximity base development with Beacons and BeaconFence
  • and more…

For more information and to register read the following page and follow the registration link:

Moreover, also fhr C++ developers, we'll have a small set of skill sprints in December, read more at

C++Builder Seattle is really a huge step forward for C++ developers who want to visual development environment, working across platform, and based on the latest C++ language standards. If you do any C++ work, don't miss this webinars! And if you don't have C++Builder 10 Seattle, there are now great offers to take advantage of.