Embarcadero is hosting a full day online conference focused on C++ mobile development. The full day conference is free to attend and will take place on June 4th. It will cover Android and iOS development using C++, and also writing single source applications for both platforms, taking advantage of the latest C++Builder and of the FireMonkey framework.

Content, list of sessions, and all information about the event is at  www.embarcadero.com/landing-pages/cppmobileday . I'm not giving any sessions because taht day I'll be on planes for most of the conference time, while flying back home from California (where I'lll be flying to tomorrow). 

To sign up for the event (again, it is free) sign up at  forms.embarcadero.com/CPPMobileDay6-04If you use C++, don't miss this opportunity to learn about native C++ development for mobile platforms. And if you don't use C++, pass this invite to your C++ friends. Or your friends who are into mobile development.