Some completely personal consideration (not an Embarcadero point of view) on the current status of mobile platforms, with a few interesting links. Given this is a specific topic, I didn't want to include these in my Delphi bi-weekly blog posts. These are mobile posts with some comments:

IDC numbers regarding last quarter smartphone shipments (that is, new phones), indicate that Android lead is growing (both in absolute and relative numbers), iOS is growing in absolute numbers but reducing in market share, while Microsoft is doing pretty bad on both counts: From the graph you can also see that iOS has a good percentage on the high-end devices (which is why Apple keeps making a lot of money), while Microsoft is focused on the lower and, even more than Android.

I find some Microsoft defenders tentative to belittle iOS a little childish. See for example Thurrott (see the value of the iOS market is beyond the device numbers. The Apple ecosystem is very healthy. Latest estimates I saw (sorry, cannot find the link any more) claim the developer ecosystems for iOS and Android to be very similar in size. What's about Microsoft? Their quality App Store seems not so quality driven (not that Android is that great, either, but it was supposed to be a great differentiator for Redmond).

Not saying this is the complete picture... but this is how it looks to me. Do you think Windows phone still has a real chance? That Android dominance is going to reduce over the next couple of years (by iOS, Windows, Tizen, or some other OS)? I think Google greatest enemy is Android forks, like Amazon, the many in China... and the now defuct Nokia X.


Found a related additional article on Forbes about how the apps define the ecosysten and lock it: