An important set of open source components has been migrated to XE7 and is now available. These includes some of the former Turbo Power components, plus a few others. This is why we are thinking of referring to them as "TurboPack".

The work has been done by Roman Kassebaum (with a little help by us), as you can read on with the goal of making sure the components work on XE7, and both in Delphi and C++Builder, but also clean their source code of pre-Unicode IFDEFs, taking advantage of new language and RTL features, and migrating some of them to support mobile.

The set of components includes:

  • Orpheus (Win32 and Win64)
  • Abbrevia (Win32, Win64, MacOSX, iOS and Android)
  • Virtual Tree (Win32 and Win64)
  • SynEdit (Win32 and Win64)
  • LockBox (Win32, Win64, MacOSX, iOS and Android)
  • Async Professional (Win32)
  • PowerPDF (Win32 and Win64)

You can also read comments in the forums at (when it works) and on the Google+ Delphi Community at