This blog is one year old. The numbers are easy. I made 146 blog posts. Readers made 622 talkback posts. Most of the topics relate with Delphi, but I discussed also web development outside of the Delphi realm. Looking at the web stats, I see about 2,000 visits a day, with twice as much pages served. A good number of those are hits to the RSS/Atom feeds. That's for the numbers.

Writing on the blog, managing the comments (and responding myself), reading what others are blogging about, keeping an eye on the server and the application (which is a home-made Delphi powered app using lots of XML/XSLT running on Linux), all this takes time. But I feel it is worth.

Anyone can blog, but not all blogs are alike. Mine is a very small and focused voice. Posting didn't drop after ten days, as in many blogs... I hope to be able to put enough time into it also in its second year. Let me know what you think.

PS. I know the Turbos have been released, and more videos and stuff, but back from my short vacations I found a ton of work... will catch up soon!