ten days ago
  • First, the release seems to have been very successfull. The download servers were overwhelmed for a few days. Michael Swindell (of Borland) claimed they had 30,000 registrations by the end of the second day. Considering this is the number of "completed registrations and activations - meaning, they went thru the installation and registration process, license was sent, installed and activated" ( Michael Swindell on Sep 13, Delphi non-tech) , this is not too bad at all!
  • Neil Rubenking has written a great review.
  • There is a FAQ for the Turbo Editions on BDN. The most important element, for me, is the clarification that Turbos can be used to develop commercial applications: "There are no license restrictions on any of the Turbo editions."
  • Hacking on the limitations of the Turbos has started immediately. It is possible to install custom components using the "user" package, as you can find out on danielstools.de (it is a PDF). It is possible to install multiple Turbos on the same machine using TurboMerger by Andreas Hausladen, as discussed in this thread.
There are also new videos posted by Malcolm Groves and Nick Hodges, but that's for another post. For now it is great to see Turbo Delphi alive and kicking, and I guess any VB for Win32 developer should be looking into Turbo Delphi!