2013: A Great Year for Delphi

My prediction is that 2013 will be a great year for Delphi: the product will be turning 18 and getting a mobile brother.

Delphi Price Compared

From time to time I see comments and concerns about Delphi price. How does it compare with other offerings? It is very hard to make a fair comparison, so I'm "merely" listing prices, without too many comments.

RAD Studio Wins DeveloperWeek 2013 Award

RAD Studio Wins the Developer Week 2013 Award as Top Innovator in the category Developer Tools.

TStringHelper in Delphi XE3

I blogged some time ago about record helpers for native types in general, this time I want to focus on TStringHelper, for a couple of good reasons.

Spending the Week in Scotts Valley

While my official workplace is home, I get here in California on a regular basis.

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon

There is a new Delphi for iOS page on the Embarcadero web site, with the announcement of the new tool and its features.

Picture of an iOS Picture (taken with a Delphi App)

This is the picture of a picture taken with a Delphi iOS application. I know, almost recursive.