January 25, 2013

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon

There is a new Delphi for iOS page on the Embarcadero web site, with the announcement of the new tool and its features.

There is a new Delphi for iOS page on the Embarcadero web site, with the announcement of the new tool and its features. I won't list all of the content of the page, as you can read it directly at:  http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/ios-development .

Highlights include the new Delphi ARM compiler, FireMonkey 2 for iOS, local database connectivity, sensors support, and the mobile form designer you can see below (image extracted from the same page):

Delphi (or RAD Studio) XE3 developers will have access to the beta, so you can buy XE3 now if you want to have a look. However, if you want to make sure you get the full product when its ships (and not just the beta), the best way in my personal opinion is to buy today the Enteprise version of Delphi XE3 with Maintenance: you'll get the product when it ships and likely something more in the coming year.

I told you, this is going to be an exciting year for Delphi!





Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

One word: wow!

An exciting year for Delphi indeed! 
Comment by Simon [] on January 25, 15:05

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

I fully agreed with you that this year could be the best 
year for delphi with the mobile solution, I see a load 
of potential, but.. only and if only the quality is rock 
solid, please .. please .. please do not release 
something that has show stopper bug, please take your 
time, get more resource for development and qc. 
It's really your time to make better future for delphi.

Hope the best for Delphi
Comment by Iwan CS on January 25, 15:35

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 


This is so great news! I hope that Embarcadero succeed 
with this new release and grow the Delphi community!!! 
Comment by Eric Fleming Bonilha [http://www.digifort.com.br] on January 25, 16:07

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

 Looks nice, BUT:
1) Why should I give you money for using a BETA or to be a BETA tester?!? 
(As I must have or must buy XE3 according to the info). 
If EMB marketing was OK, you should give me money (or at least discount if 
I decide to buy it), because I will invest *MY PRECIOUS TIME* to test your 
BETA products. Please, I really need to know this, because I simply do not 
understand it!!! It's really a misleading/broken/bad/evil marketing 
2) When bragging about your new compiler(s)/targets, give us more info 
about the pricing of this "low cost add-on to PRO"! You will ask me "why 
you need this info? We're still planning it!", well then this page 
"http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/ios-development" unnecessary - 
you ask us for money, then we get, well..., something unfinished, still 
Roadmap is enough in this case.
3) How can you make me believe it's time to buy XE3, when XE3 Update 2 
fixes *ONLY*, read it again, *ONLY* 25 QCs? My QCs, that stop my work and 
lose MY time to find workarounds, aren't even touched!

Good for iOS, bad for us. It's really pity Marco...
Comment by Petar on January 25, 16:08

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Comment by ObjectMethodology.com [http://www.objectmethodology.com] on January 25, 16:12

Looks good! 

Looks good, but please tell me what exactly are
"Pixel-perfect native UI controls"? 
Are there native Cocoa UI controls or just controls
that look like native controls?

Comment by Wosi [] on January 25, 16:26

What about FM2 for XE3 

It very nice to have iOS support but how about fixing 
FM2 for the rest of use. I still can't port my Windows 
apps to FM2 (and then on to the Mac) because there are 
so many bugs (I've tried). The latest update 2 has NO 
fixes for FM2. When can we expect FM2 to be ready? 
Comment by Herbert Sauro on January 25, 16:41

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

How will android fit into this picture? A new product? A 
new project type? Will we be able to code once to 
multiple mobile devices (ios, android, wp8 maybe)?
Comment by Bora Aydemir on January 25, 16:46

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

If this is an "add-on" for Delphi XE3 thereby 
requiring XE3 it does make sense you need a copy of 
XE3 to beta test it (obviously). If this is a 
standalone product of course it does not.
And this is exactly the kind of information missing 
here: is this is an add-on for the IDE or a 
standalone product?

Comment by Luigi D. Sandon on January 25, 17:05

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

This won't be a stand-alone product but a new version of Delphi XE3 
including a new personality, iOS development. In the future Embarcadero 
might create a mobile only development tool.
Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on January 25, 17:17

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

I am excited to see that Rad Studio will finally get
Android support in the overall package but now I have
to agree on some of the pricing structure.

It seems that based on the very little information
that has been provided that as a person who owns the
Rad Studio XE2 Professional package that I will have
to do the following:

1. Upgrade to the latest version XE3 or better.
2. Purchase as an Add-on IOS support.
3. Based on the graphics it looked like Android
Support is a separate low cost add-on.

Now what is considered to be low cost may not be low
cost to myself.

One year ago I purchased as an upgrade $799.00 for the
pro package for XE2, when XE3 comes out it also was
another $799 upgrade cost. Being from the old school I
purchased the DVD for an additional $35.00

To be perfectly honest, I purchased a Full Version
with CD of Visual Studio 2012 for $500.00

Do not get me wrong but Embarcadero has done a
fantastic job in getting Delphi and Rad Studio back
into the arena but it is still smaller than something
like C# which seems to be the hot option at the moment
and something that VS 2012 is pushing harder.

I fully understand that Rad provides me the best of
all worlds that I can have one code base between
Windows and Mac worlds but shelling out this much
money every year is something I cannot afford on my
budget since I still run a very small shop dealing
with various hardware purchases and other software

Marco, since you have been around for so long helping
Delphi developers can't you help out loyal developers
like myself in getting the cost down on the upgrades
especially if they are one version to the next.  

Putting the add-ons as part of the upgrades will most
likely push the next XE4 upgrade to over a $1,000 dollars.
Comment by Richard Baroniunas [http://www.baronsoftware.com] on January 25, 19:46

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Is the Delphi for iOS and Firemonkey for iOS two
different things or the same thing?

Comment by Mike Dixon [http://www.mikedixononline.com] on January 25, 20:32

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Does this mean that Professional users, which did have iOS support in 
XE2, no longer have that with XE3 and need to upgrade to Enterprise?
Comment by Chris on January 25, 23:44

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 


  Delphi Professional users will be able to buy Mobile support as a low-
cost add-on, migration to Enterprise is a good idea, but not the only way 
to get iOS support. 

Details will follow, as we near release date. 

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on January 26, 01:16

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

 what about indy 
for ios, i think 
this is a major 
problem faced by 
xe2 ios developer
Comment by vrv on January 26, 01:53

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Why the Enterprise version?
Comment by Michael on January 26, 15:52

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 


Prof. and Enterprise are treated the same way in case
of SA.

Honestly adding USD 100 to the price of the Prof. is
understandable if the Mobile support is included.

Just my opinion.
Comment by Michael on January 26, 16:04

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

 When for C++ Builder?
Comment by Carl on January 28, 23:14

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Interesting to see the iOS support, but I have a question.

Are we going to receive the FireMonkey iOS stable or this is going to be 
another FireMonkey alpha version?

I bought XE2 and never could develop a stable product using 
Comment by Mike on January 28, 23:36

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon - C++ Builder 

Hi,  Will we C++ Builder people be left behind again,
or are we implicitly included?

Comment by Alan Taylor [http://www.altor.com.au] on January 29, 06:01

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

This is great and all, but Embarcadero's international
sales and licensing sucks. It is such a mission to buy
Delphi in South Africa and then to get their over
complicated licensing system to work is a sheer nightmare!
Comment by Donatello on January 30, 12:46

Question about native UI controls 

 Just to clarify on the posted URL content mentioning 


"Pixel-perfect native UI controls"

Are those controls really native iOS controls?

Comment by J. Gonzalez [] on January 30, 23:21

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

 Well it might be nice .. but explain this .. I bought 
XE for firemonkey and the iOS support ... with software 
assurance .. In XE3 it was taken out and promised 
access to a beta and said it will get replaced by 
something that we have to pay for again ... sorry but 
in no EU country this is even legal. I even cancelled 
my SA, sorry but this is just not acceptable at all
Comment by cricque on January 31, 10:54

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 


can somehow understand the complain (I bought a program with feature, 
was not available in the update).

however the follow up request (given I had a product able to compile for 
iOS using xcode and freepascal, I'm entitled to a free copy of your new 
compiler for the same maintenance price) is out of context.

we can add features to Delphi in a new version, and decide if they fit into 
Pro / Ent / Arc skus, and who's going to receive those under 
maintenance. considering this illegal is pointless, we are not terminating 
your XE2 license with the existing feature, you can keep using it as much 
as you wish.

Customer under maintenance will receive iOS support for free or for a 
(small) fee depending on their maintenance level. you might agree or not, 
of course, and decide to quit. But deciding to quit before we make an 
upgrade offer seems a bit odd.

A company can decide which new features to offer to which customers, 
and customers can decide if it is OK to or disagree and not renew or 
update. Where is the scandal?

Notice that in the US there are legal/accounting problems for a company 
that would decide to give away a new feature for free to existing 
customers. Go figure!

Sorry if this doesn't sound polite, but I keep hearing this criticism worded 
in a way that makes no sense for me. Asking for different pricing policies 
of SKUs is understandable, claiming Embarcadero has an illegal behavior 
is pure nonsense, unless you explain why.

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on January 31, 12:02

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

I'll clarify

I have a professional edition, so I'll have to pay 
most likely. 

As I see it i am paying again for something I already 
have payed for, since it was supposed to be me in my 
SA as it was available at the time of purchase, so it 
should still be in ... But no .. I get beta access, I 
have not asked for beta access, I have bought a 
product with maintenance support .. It's like buying 
a car and then saying after a year .. hey I need the 
engine again.. You'll get it back for a small fee .. 

Upgrading to an enterprise edition you might say ... 
I do not need datasnap, and I do not use DBExpress 
since I use a component suite

Bugfixing has gotten better but still is not what it 
supposed to be, each year new features/bloatware get 
added. No communication of the new version what so 
ever ... it's like hey we got a new version out .. 
this is it. Sometimes I even wonder if something was 
tested before it was put out

Also euros are not the same as dollars, and yes we 
have VAT etc, but it's still a digital download 

Still no windows 8 support ... Sorry but Embarcadero 
has had enough of time. And I am not talking about UI 
support, I want to have my Delphi apps in the app 
store, not just a link. This might come in the next 
version ... but since there is 0 communication who 

To me it seems the yearly release is just to keep SA 
customers happy

I still like Delphi/pascal alot, but these are 
reasons for me to not buy upgrades or get an SA 
Comment by cricque on January 31, 14:34

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

and i hope that it will be possible to have identical
code base 4 all platforms and the versions will be
well tested and bugfree 
Comment by Tieftaucher on January 31, 19:58

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Marco, I think I understand the claim about legality.
Imagine it like this: I sell you a product version 1.0
and we have a contract that says I'm supposed to give
you a copy of the next version (2.0) when it comes out
if it does within a year's time.  When the time comes
for the new release I drop that product from my lineup
so there is no 2.0 released and tell you that there is
nothing new for me to give you. When your contract
runs out I reintroduce the product at version 2.0 and
tell you that if you want a copy you'll now need to
pay for it. It's certainly understandable that one can
view this as a legal/accounting trick to try to avoid
fulfilling an obligation to supply the upgrade
(whether it is or not is not my place to say). 

People bought XE2 expecting to get iOS support and SA
to get upgrades. The product, which is really version
2.0 (does not exist independent of XE3) is now broken
out into a separate product and people are being asked
to pay for it (a second time, in their minds) rather
than having it included in their XE3 upgrades. Also,
there appears to be no reason why it couldn't/wasn't
included in XE3 other than time contraints (and
obviously a suspicion that this separation was
designed to increase revenue). I can certainly see why
people are upset. If you're seeing this complaint a
lot, then there's clearly a reason for it. It would
seem like an uphill battle to convince people that
this is something different than version 2.0 of what
they paid for in XE2. Is it really any different than
in DBExpress was to no longer be included in
Enterprise and Enterprise SA customers were then asked
to pay for the newest version, even if it were a very
much improved version? SA is like insurance. This is
the scenario in which SA is supposed to pay off for
the customer. When nothing is released in the time
period they lose. Now when there's a significant
improvement they're not getting it because it's been
broken out as a separate product. That feels like a
"heads we win, tails you lose" situation. 
Comment by Joseph on January 31, 22:12

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Does it include the Indy communication components? An iPhone or iPad 
app that can not communicate to a REST based backend is pretty much 
useless. A mobile device such as an iPhone needs communication 
capabilities. So, if there are no Indy components, forget it. Useless. 
Comment by Thomas Jaeger [http://thomasjaeger.wordpress.com] on January 31, 23:07

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 


I can fully understand the complain, no doubt about that. But saying it is 
illegal (which is unfounded) doesn't help the conversation. Users can 
certainly complain that a new feature is not in their edition but only in a 
higher SKU. But the LLVM Delphi ARM compiler, the IDE designers for 
iOS, the integrated debugging, and all of the new components 
specifically for mobile are all significant new features compared to iOS 
support in XE2. Again, I understand the complain and it is legitimate. But 
a developer on the Professional edition for, say Delphi XE, has now 3 
compilers for the price of 1. We can decide not to ship the 4th, in that 
version, and ask for a higher price if they are interested in it?

Part of the convincing the people is that it is quite common in the Delphi 
community to keep re-iterating the same idea as if this make it more 
true. An example? Early versions of Delphi were cheaper. But I do have 
many more. So while it is generally true that if a complain is very 
common there must be a reason, at times this is more due to the way 
information spreads.

On one point I fully agree with you. The dbExpress license change 
proposal was very odd and I'm very happy it was never implemented. I 
wasn't at the company, cannot really comment. I'd agree it would have 
been annoying to existing users on Professional SA.

Can we focus on features? If the product is great I guess people won't 
mind paying some more... So yes, Indy is in, I was working to day on 
porting a REST client.
Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on January 31, 23:24

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

 Well i have some lawyer friends and I explained them 
what my problem is. And they said it was not legal, 
not even eula's etc, it doesn't matter. You can 
compare it with a car leasing. I payed for it, you 
can not take out the steering wheel and then charge 
me for it later on again. At least you have to 
replace my steering wheel with something, in this 
case I get nothing

Anyway I know you are a nice guy and you are trying 
to make the best of it. I still like Delphi alot, 
just to my feeling each year Embarcadero is trying to 
push customers away even more and more. The price I 
do not really care about, for me it's the principle 
of the thing. I bought a leasing, simple as that. 

The IDE has greatly improved, but there is still alot 
of bugs, Firemonkey still has some huge problems, it 
gets better, but we need it now not in 5 years. And 
since there is 0 communication, we have to keep on 
guessing. It's like the windows 8 support ... when 
will we get it ? I have to make some new applications 
and I can delay them perhaps a while, but are you 
taking a bet on something that is uncertain ? I am 
not anymore, sorry but those applications will be in C
++ (and not using C++ Builder)
Comment by cricque on February 1, 10:18

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 


  well, but what if the car you leased has a new hybrid model with a 
second engine (like us having a new compiler), can you claim it is an 
electric engine like the starter and ask for a hybrid at the regula proce? 
What if they ask you more for the hydrid? I know, we could drag this 
along forever, I think it is a bit pointless.

We are seriously fixing bugs and also adding a lot of new features, not an 
easy task, trying to balance our efforts. Ultimately, if our user are willing 
to pay some more, we'll be able to invest more in the product. It is quite 
a simple equation. 

Comment by Marco Cantu [http://www.marcocantu.com] on February 1, 12:12

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Thank you Marco for letting us know that the Indy components are in. 
That's great news.

I don't mind paying extra. I can see the value that Delphi brings alone 
and I can certainly see the value of taking my code across iPhone and 
Android devices. I have been programming in Objective-C since 2008 
but also in Delphi since 1995 (Delphi 1) and C# .Net since 2001. So, 
I'm familiar for the pros & cons.

After 22 years of professional software development, Delphi is still 
king and it will pay back many times over in terms of quality software 
and reputation as well as my customer's satisfaction. Nothing better 
out there. Not C nor C++ .

Nowadays, applications are connected to cloud-absed backends. So, 
having communication capabilities are super important moving 
forward into the future. I just hope the Indy components will work fine 
via HTTP and HTTPS. Let's see how JSON is going to be handled.

Thanks for your feedback Marco.
Comment by Thomas Jaeger [http://thomasjaeger.wordpress.com] on February 1, 23:59

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Any news or information related to using Indy with SSL
for iOS? 

Comment by Knut Kjeilen [] on May 6, 15:57

Delphi for iOS is Coming Soon 

Hi, yes indy works, but how about https with indy.
Exist some way to use TidHTTP and make a get in a
https page ?
Comment by Alexandre on May 18, 02:32

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